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about the maestro
Roï Azoulay, a Grammy & Juno award winner is an Israeli conductor who is a complete musician, interpreting classical, romantic and contemporary music with ease and assurance. On the podium Maestro Azoulay engages both orchestra and audience from the first downbeat. The focused energy, the palpable commitment, the unbridled lyricism coupled with a riveting yet refined confidence are immediately apparent.
To date Roï Azoulay has conducted many orchestras, including the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal , the Jerusalem Symphony, the Orchestre classique de Montréal, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, The Budapest Dohnányi Orchestra, the Israel Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva, the Israel NK Orchestra, the Kammer-Philharmonie of Zurich, the Kammer-Philharmonie of Graz (Austria), the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra (London), The Ra'anana Symphonette, among many others.
Maestro Azoulay proudly collaborated as conductor & arranger with the legendary poet and songwriter Leonard Cohen on his last Album You Want It Darker for which he won the prestigious Grammy & Juno Awards. 
Roï Azoulay graduated with honors from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance where he studied under conductors Mendi Rodan, Eugène Zirlin and Doron Salomon.
His studies continued under conductors Jorma Panula, Atso Almila, Johaness Schlaefli, Alexis Hauser, Yoël Levi, Achim Holub and Elli Jaffe, as well as studying composition with composers Michael Wolpe and Andre Hajdu.
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